GAMBA Networking Workshop #1 - Clean & Green

03/05/2020 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM ET


Come out to the Fairmount CDC office at 2837 W. Girard Avenue on Thursday, March 5th 2020 for our first GAMBA Networking and Learning Workshop on 2020!  Come out network with fellow GAMBA members for the first half and stay to listen to our panel of speakers who will discuss how to combat dumping and littering, how to better recycle with your business, as well as giving you a direct contact to CLIP to take care of dumping and other nuisance, environmental issues for you.  Our Corridor Cleaners, Joe and Julie, will be able give first hand feedback on what they see every day cleaning the West Girard corridor and it will allow you all to meet the wonderful people that they are!  

Speakers Include Representatives from:

Keep Philadelphia Beautiful


Joe and Julie - our wonderful Corridor Cleaners!